Sharp Scriptwriting, Minimal Cost of Production in Pedigree Ad, Durban

It’s an absolute fallacy to believe that great ads/short films need large budgets to be impactful.  When I was working at the agency, all Creatives belonging to the group worldwide, were  tasked with creating a message/ad for Pedigree Dog Food with the pay-off line of “Dogs Rule”.  Not too hard you say, well the nitty […]

Catching ‘the early birds’

Staying on the subject of finding humour in every situation, I came across this piece I wrote probably around 20 years ago, and it still makes me smile. Although I’m taking the Mickey out of bird watching and birdwatchers, I only wrote it after I became a member myself! I ventured out on birding expeditions […]

Life is full of pitfalls for the unwary

To class yourself as a good writer, I think it’s imperative that you be able to write any genre of material, from formal, educational, corporate, creative, biographical, sharp and informative, to informal, relaxed, first person, third person or even slang style – but most importantly, you must be able to deliver humour. Any writer will […]

The Turkey Trip

Well, the Turkey trip was certainly an interesting and often terrifying ‘experience’ – not the holiday adventure you would sign up for in your wildest dreams, but I’ve always held with the philosophy that if you can find the humour in the experience (usually long after its lost its sting), then you’ve truly mastered one […]

It’s an ill wind…

American chef, author and TV personality, Anthony Bordain, speaks from an inner depth and understanding of our human condition in his sentiments on travel and life, and how interwoven both inexorably are: “As you move through this life…you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life – and travel – leave marks on you”. […]

It’s all about accountability

I don’t think there is a writer I’ve met who doesn’t have a treasured collection of articles, quotes, jokes, sayings, random words, whatever… and I’m certainly one of those. In the beautiful “Bridges of Madison County”, the main character carries around a notebook with his favourite words in, which he adds to as he goes […]

One life – Just a space in time

Poetry has always been a part of my life, and part of my being because I’ve written poetry ever since my early teens. But when I say poetry, please don’t judge me by the language of structured poetry, because my poetry is not that. It’s more like free-style poetry, feelings and thoughts, emotions and moods […]

Welcome to my blog!

Finally Bamboo Butterfly has a website and can flex its wings comfortably in cyber space! At the very least, I hope you will flit through and explore the site.  You’ll find some of the work I’ve produced during my many years as senior writer for an international advertising agency, and a selection of the notable […]