Symbolism & and Christmas Traditions

With Christmas almost a distant memory, it’s still interesting to revisit the meaning behind many of the Christmas symbols we use for decoration in our homes, and the traditions we observe. A year or so ago, I wrote a special Christmas greetings card for a client of mine who wanted the work to embody the true meaning of Christmas, explaining where the symbolism came from. This is the piece of work:


Merry Christmas, ’tis the time to be jolly…

Ornaments of red and green, stars and candles,

Christmas wreaths and Holly leaves,

Beautiful gifts under bright Christmas trees.


Christmas is the time to celebrate, God’s greatest gift to us,

His son, Jesus Christ, savior of the world,

Peace, love, hope and joy for all mankind.

Promises in the symbols we hold dear at Christmas time.


The Fir Tree, so tall and stately,

Brilliant green in its year-round livery,

A symbol of everlasting hope for all mankind,

It’s needles pointing heavenwards in eternal hope.


The Star, God’s heavenly sign,

Of his promise fulfilled – a saviour for the world.


The Candle, to remind us, Christ is the light of the world,

It is Jesus who fills our lives with light and joy.


The Christmas Wreath, symbol of the real nature of love,

Real love never ceases, just like God’s love,

It has no beginning or end.


The Christmas Gift, a reminder of the gift

God gave the world –

His only son, the greatest gift of all,

So raise your voices, sing and celebrate,

Peace, joy, hope and everlasting love.


In creating this piece, I genuinely enjoyed researching the symbolism, and found in them, a certain peace and joy all of their own. I think that’s why Christmas time brings us a sort of comfort and feeling of being loved, safe and warm.


I hope your Christmas was just as warm and wonderful and that great things are on your radar for the year ahead.





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