Sharp Scriptwriting, Minimal Cost of Production in Pedigree Ad, Durban

It’s an absolute fallacy to believe that great ads/short films need large budgets to be impactful.  When I was working at the agency, all Creatives belonging to the group worldwide, were  tasked with creating a message/ad for Pedigree Dog Food with the pay-off line of “Dogs Rule”.  Not too hard you say, well the nitty gritty of it was: this video message/ad had to be made with little or no budget, using only your own skills –  no paid professionals. You could film it on your cell, use canned music (because it wasn’t for general viewing or consumption), beg or borrow assistance from any friends, colleagues, team- mates, agency editor, or cut it yourself on your Mac.


My team consisted of my graphic designer, Garth Saville, who put my idea into a visual storyboard and myself. I asked good friends, Shannon and Patrick Kenny, who are true and seasoned professionals to act out my script. Professionals I hear you cry! You’re not allowed them!  Yes, but my friends weren’t paid, they wanted to be part of the fun. It’s paid professionals we were not allowed. Next I called on my dog-crazy friend, Anne-Marie Greyvenstein who, after years and years of training her dogs, had a Collie who would behave when food was put in front of her, and not gobble it all up on first take – essential as we only had one piece of steak!


Our agency cameraman filmed and edited the sequences in my home. If you don’t know it, the settee that Shannon is sitting on is just across the way from the kitchen where Patrick was cooking!  We moved things around, brought in a garden table and set it with the finest crystal and long-stemmed roses, and Patrick, the whiz that he is, carried the story to an un-expected and fun ending.


We loved making it and I hope you enjoy watching it. But do remember, true creativity is an art that does not need massive amounts of money thrown at it, it can be done on a smaller budget, and that is what we set out to achieve. Don’t get me wrong, massive budgets are great to have, they just give you more options and advanced graphics and technology.







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