Wind Chimes

This is a poem I wrote many years ago, when I was searching for just the right wind chimes that I felt my late father would like. He loved them, just as I do, and it was important for me to find a specimen which spoke to my heart, and would speak to his as well. I eventually decided on the one referred to in this poem. I can still see it before my eyes today, even though it is long gone, just like my dear father.  It was fashioned from ceramic pieces in the shape of dolphins, with a very delicate, almost lilting melody, and seemed perfect for a man who lived at the sea. I was right, he did love them.


Wind Chimes


Ah, and there I found it

suspended with another dozen of its kin

A soft, sweet symphony

silenced by the stillness of the air


Seven serpentine dolphins

arrested from the sea

leaping and jostling

in their wild and wilful wind dance

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